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QuantumDelta @QuantumDelta - 1m

Yoyoyo, me'n'the guys are off to altissia - who wants to come? Starting in 5 minutes ish! Twitter Embedded Image

QuantumDelta @QuantumDelta - 53m

Hey guys, tanks live until I am (with a little swap over time)come say hi!…

Whizbang Sizzleteeks @MrWhizbang - 3h

First Dimebag, now Vinnie. Fuck me...I’m at a loss for words. I hope that Vinnie and Darrell are at the bar, having……

Wokstation @WokStation - 5h

Airbrush just won't spray these airbrush ready paints, like, AT ALL. Broke out my regular black, only to find it's……

Nathan @Overlord_Anubis - 15h

Pyramids of Mars was just as good as I remember it. So pleased, now ALL HAIL SUTEKH! #DoctorWhoOnTwitch

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