London Expo (Anime, Manga & Games) 28/10/06

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London Expo (Anime, Manga & Games) 28/10/06

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 9:58 am

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Hey all,

This Looks like it should be really good, 15,000 people in London for a expo day of Anime, Manga, Pc games and films, check the site here... it's on all weekend but we are going to be there on the saturday only.

I'm going to be heading down to this with my Bro Si (The Dorf formerly known as Grimial) and Rob (Greggor of GoE and sinisters fame :p ) and wondered if any of you fine people fancied it too, tickets are only a tenner on the door and it's on from 11-6.

If your up for it drop me an e-mail at (work e-mail addy's are made to be abused ;D ) and i'll giveya my mob number so we can meet up.
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