Hellsing Ultimate

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Hellsing Ultimate

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:39 pm

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So, who's watching this or planning to watch it?

The final episode is due out in a couple of days time, and it having been on my "must watch" list for quite a while now it's one I'll be jumping on. It's been extremely highly praised by everyone who's seen it from what I can see, and has been generally noted as a very significant improvement on the original Hellsing.

Since I know a few of you were fans of the original Hellsing, I figured it might spur some interest here? :)
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Re: Hellsing Ultimate

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:59 pm

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yep yep!
Hellsing Ultimate is something I've been waiting to watch for over a year now so I've made sure I'm all caught up in time for episode 10 (releases on boxing day). Wanted to be able to watch the final ep as soon as it was subbed but without a several months gap or something silly inbetween, hate that. Shouldn't have to wait too long after its official release I don't think. It's very highly anticipated so that may speed things up too? One can hope hehe.
I wasn't a massive fan of the original if I'm honest (it was alright) but Ultimate has been great and so much better imo. The jump in overall quality is very similar to that of Fate/stay night > Fate/Zero which I think I mentioned before. Episodes are also between 42-56 minutes as well so they're jam-packed full of action and much longer than that of the original series.
Wouldn't quite call it a masterpiece or anything and in that respect I think it may be a little overrated by some people out there. Gave it a 9/10 from my initial impressions but I won't give it a final rating until I've watched all of it :)
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