U.S. Roll call and news

Find our valiant heroes fighting the fight on the =US=Order and =US=Destruction Servers!

U.S. Roll call and news

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 5:44 pm

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23 Nov: We've moved destruction servers from Wasteland to Sylvania, toon transfers between servers is free, just log in and follow the prompts.

23 Nov: With the move to the Sylvania server, the destruction side of the SSX guild has yet to be reformed. Hopefully we'll have enough on line soon to fix this.

If you want to post character info here, I'll keep the list updated. Post server, toon name, race, class, and professions, guild and whether or not toon is an officer.

Sylvania (Destruction):
Argoeff - <SSX> Officer Chaos Chosen
Ironfist (Order):
Argoeff - <SSX> Officer Dwarf Ironbreaker

Sylvania (Destruction):
Raffi - <SSX> Guild Leader Witch Elf
Dorigen - <SSX> Chaos Zealot
Ironfist (Order):
Anwyn - <SSX> Guild Leader Empire Bright Wizard
Nutbar - <SSX> Dwarf Engineer

Sylvania (Destruction):
MoranLafy - <SSX> Witch Elf (Scavenging, Talisman Making)
Ironfist (Order):
Lafaymorgan - <SSX> Empire Witch Hunter (Cultivation, Apothecary)

Sylvania (Destruction):
Lilleth - <SSX> Officer Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine
Ironfist (Order):
Anika - <SSX> Officer Empire Warrior Priest

Sylvania (Destruction):
Girvan - <SSX> Officer Chaos Chosen (salvaging, Talisman Making)
Catchthis - <SSX> Dark Elf Sorcerer (Cultivating, apothecary)
Boobsnblades - <SSX> Witch Elf
Ironfist (Order):
Techtonic - <SSX> Officer Dwarf Ironbreaker
Mercurochrome - <SSX> High Elf Archmage

Sylvania (Destruction):
Grrhm - <SSX> Officer Goblin Shaman
Winteko - <SSX> Chaos Marauder
Ironfist (Order):
Skjuta - <SSX> Dwarf Engineer
Pad - <SSX> High Elf Archmage

Sylvania (Destruction):
Duzian - <SSX> Dark Elf Sorceress
Ironfist (Order):
Dronna - <SSX> Empire Warrior Priest
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