E3 2018 Schedule

E3 2018 Schedule

Posted by STR-MS on Wednesday, May 9 2018

This years E3 is fast approaching with only 31 days to go before the first conference goes live on Sat 9th June.

Here's how the schedule is looking:

Sat 9th June: Electronic Arts (11am PDT)

Sun 10th June: Microsoft (1pm PDT) | Bethesda (6:30pm PDT)

Mon 11th June: Square Enix (10am PDT) | Ubisoft (1pm PDT) | PC Gaming Show (3pm PDT) | Sony (*Expected 6pm PDT)

Tue 12th June: Nintendo (9am PDT)

There will also be three full days of E3 Coliseum this year (Tue 12th - Thu 14th June) instead of two, one confirmed panel being a 20th anniversary celebration of Grim Fandango including a live reading from the original cast, live music from Peter McConnell, Tim Schafer and more.

CD Projekt RED are confirmed to be presenting a role-playing game at E3 this year so it looks like we'll get our first look at Cyberpunk 2077 here. Excited? I know I am!

For a more detailed look at the schedule with further time zones & stream links please see my forum post here. Sony have still to announce their conference time so the time above is based on their usual timeslot from previous years. The forum schedule will of course be updated as soon as they officially announce it.

Hope to see you on Discord for the live streams!


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