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Cedric Biscay @CedricBiscay - 4h

Good afternoon from the one and only....Lan Di ! I hope you will appreciate this world exclusive screenshot from…

Jorg Ian Floren @jorgianfloren - 14h

Why do #supermoon's always look tiny on cellphone cameras? #SuperLuna #Moonshot Twitter Embedded Image

Wokstation @WokStation - 21h

Levelled again, less aggressively. Printing a barrel home as a test. Brought the bed up to 45°. Seems to be ok so far...

Wokstation retweeted

Max Gaming Studios @mgtgames - 23h

Live in a snowy area? No problem! These Mechs have great traction, heat insulation, and a Keurig machine in the rig…

Nathan @Overlord_Anubis - Feb 18

Watching #TomWatson give his speech on the #LabourSplit and wondering why on earth he's not leader of the party

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