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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:16 am

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I've just updated my manifesto ingame, and considering you all voted me in I figured I'd post a copy here too :thumb:
FA. Home. Something we should all be proud of. Can we be proud of it as it is? No.

We used to be members of a faction we could be proud of. In fact, other factions could look at FA and see the kind of faction that everyone wants. We must make that a reality again.

If you are sometimes fed up or angry with our faction and its current state, as I am, you have a choice. You can put up, shut up, and go on living your life, give up, bail out, and call it a day, or you can get stuck in, decide to fight, and give it your all. That is what I intend to do.

This election marks the start of a great endeavour. An endeavour which is compromised of two key parts, without which our faction will never return to its once proud state.

1. Unite the factions once more --- Once the FA clans were united. Once several of them lived under a common banner, the United Angels, and even those who were not flying this banner were on good terms with all other FA clans, willing to help, chat, and fight for FA if the need arose. Now that is no more. But it can be, and must be a reality again if we are to achieve in our endeavour. I give my word that, if elected, I will do my best to make the united, friendly FA a reality once more.

2. Take steps to reform the FA into a friendly, welcoming place once more --- This was once something we all took for granted. FA was a faction that helped its own, welcomed newcomers. No more. Of late I have even heard a new player being told in as many words to shut up on Faction chat merely for asking a noobish question. This is not acceptable, and it is nothing that any of us can be proud of. I give my pledge that, if elected, to do my utmost to make this faction a place which newcomers want to be a part of once more.

So what is this great endeavour you ask? Nothing less than to make this faction once more the natural faction that people look to as an example of a desirable faction. To make FA able to be proud of itself once more.

Vote, and help me make this vision a reality.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:19 am

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RPish yet not.

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