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Topic Labelling Rules

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 6:15 pm

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Ok, welcome everyone to the football forum. The purpose for this forum is to contain all football related discussions, be they related to games we are playing or real tournaments, so that other forums - in particular General - are not spammed with that content.

Obviously, that purpose means that there are a lot of potential foci for topics. With the Fantasy Premier League, both Fantasy World Cup games, X11, and real tournaments, things could quickly become confusing without appropriate topic labelling. For that reason, we ask that members please prefix their topic titles with the abbreviation of the topic focus.

For example, "X11 - Questions Regarding Transfer Policy", or "FPL - 2009/10 Season Game".

The hope is that this will help prevent confusion, clearly indicating what topics relate to which foci. Obviously, if you're just going to call your thread "World Cup 2010 Discussion Thread" there is no need for a prefix as the focus is obvious. But generally, if people could follow that rule it would be greatly appreciated and hopefully make life easier for everyone :)
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