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Currently Active Builds

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:24 pm

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In most of my threads, I'll highlight several builds on a mech to give a sense of the chassis' capabilities, before zeroing in on a smaller selection of builds that work for me. Of course, balance changes and my own shifting whims can cull previously-highlighted builds further or cause me to experiment with new configurations.

What follows then are builds that I currently have set up to run on short notice. They're a good mix of fun and effective, and I've run them enough that I wouldn't tag them as experimental.

Yes, I used Inner Sphere names for all the Clan mechs, except the Nova.

• CRB-27b - LPL+3MPL+2ML & XL325
• CRB-27sl - 2PPC+2MPL+1ML+2JJ & XL300

• GHR-5H - 2PPC+5MPL+2JJ+BAP & XL325
• GHR-5P - 3LPL+2MPL+1JJ & XL325

• HBK-4P - 3LPL & XL275

• HBR-Prime(I) - UAC20+6ERSL+TC1+ECM

• NVA-D(L) - 12ERSL+TC1
• NVA-Prime - UAC10+6ERSL+TC1

(Note: I moved the 12ERSL build onto the NVA-D because the loyalty variant gets a C-bill bonus. If you build these yourself, the 12ERSL build is marginally better on a NVA-Prime, while the UAC10 build can go on any variant.)

• ADR-Prime (I) - 4ASRM6

• SCR-Prime(I) - UAC10+3ASRM6
I ran into a streamer in this one.

Shadow Cat
• SHC-Prime(I) - 2MPL+2ASRM6+ASRM4+ECM

(Most recent update - August 13, 2016)

If it's been a while since I've updated this thread, knock me on the head, and I'll change it to reflect my current mechbay.

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