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Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 of The Old Republic's Pre-Launch Guild Program has now begun.

This third and final stage will shortly see guilds that have at least 4 members who have pre-ordered a copy of the game and redeemed their codes imported into the game itself.

I can happily say that the SSX has met this requirement and we are now ready for deployment. All we can do now is wrap up any pre-launch discussions we want to have before launch and patiently wait for our early access to begin which is just a matter of weeks now.

Thanks go to those of you who have redeemed your keys already. We're almost there!

Battlefield 3 Servers

As you may be aware the SSX now have their own 16/16 conquest flight school server for BF3.

As the single player campaign doesn't allow players to physically fly the jets like the multiplayer does the only way people can learn how to fly them are on full public servers or empty ones which will start with only a couple of players, however these can be hard to find. The former of which isn't going to do your team much good either when you're plummeting to the ground all the time and wasting jets when one of your team mates could be up there dogfighting or whatever.

So for us to get to grips with the handling of the jets (& the heli's) we'll have our own private server specifically set up for practice like this and then in some weeks time those of us who want to can then go fly properly on the big ranked servers with their new skills.

If you search for "SSX" on battlelog and you'll find it - See this thread for more details.

As well as our flight school Avapops has also set up a 32/32 server. This one is a hardcore rush/conquest server. It is not under the SSX banner but you can find it on battlelog by searching for "Rage Some More". If you're someone who prefers the hardcore scene then you are more than welcome to play on there!

SSX News Archive Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that the SSX News Archive is now publically available, accessible through a link in column to your right or alternatively by clicking here.

The archive allows anyone who is interested to leaf back through our older news items, which span all the way back to our creation in 2004. These have all been faithfully ported from our old news system, with only now-defunct links being modified in any way (up to date versions of the original links have been found where possible in such instances).

Whilst we have always stored all news items since our very first, they have never been made publically available prior to today - so we are happy to be offering everyone the chance to read this content for the first time since each item was originally posted, with over 211 items being available in total at the present time - which will obviously grow as time passes and new items are written.

Making our history more publically available is something that we are very keen to do moving forward, and this is only the first of several projects in the works to that end. Look out for more to come on this front in the near future!

SSX Battlefield 3 Platoon Created

The official SSX Platoon has gone up in Battlefield 3's Battlelog system!

I know that a number of us have been waiting a long time for this game, and we even had a couple people in the alpha test. Now that the game has finally gone gold, I'm sure that we'll have some great times working together as a squad!

If you would like to use voice chat, Avapops has a server available for us to use. Please contact him for the details.

See you at the insertion point!

Collector's Edition Unboxing Video & press beta impressions

Since many of us here have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of The Old Republic I am sure some of you will be excited to hear that this weeks friday update from BioWare is an unboxing video displaying the many sexy contents of the CE.

To watch the video click here.

Also this week a number of the gaming press were let loose ingame and got hands-on with the Republic side of the game. They were able to play up to approximately level 15 when players receive their starship so over the next few days expect to see many beta impression articles & info popping up around the net.

Darth Hater have a handy coverage list of these articles on their site here.

New Killboard for SSX-EvE now available

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new killboard system for the SSX-EvE Online group. Having paid for their own externally hosted killboard up until today, we are glad to finally be able to bring the system in-house thanks to our recent change of server.

The killboard can be found here, and we invite all members to keep track of the ongoing success of the group by visiting.

We hope that the group enjoys using their new killboard, and that it will be of great use to them going forward.

Global launch for The Old Republic

It was previously announced that TOR would be released on Dec 20th in the US and Dec 22nd in Europe, however, BioWare have today announced that the game will be releasing simultaneously in both territories on Dec 20th instead.

Those who have pre-ordered and redeemed their keys before release will of course still receive early access.

The game can't come sooner!

Elections over and a new Arbiter selected

This years Arbiter elections have now concluded folks.

The last stretch was extremely close with Mechanus, Messiah & Stracius all tied with 4 votes each but Mechanus just snagged it with the last deciding vote taking him ahead. He has thus taken over as the SSX Arbiter for the next 12 months. God help us (hehe :p).

Thanks go to Stracius who has held the position for the past couple of years, to all other candidates for taking part and everyone else who took time out of their schedules to vote.

Congratulations Mech & good luck!

This years Arbiter vote has begun

Nominations have passed and it is now time to vote for the candidate you think should serve as the SSX Arbiter from now until September 2012.

We have 5 members to choose from this year. They are;






If you don't know someone very well or you're not sure who to vote for have a read of their candidate posts in this thread.

The vote itself can be found here

=SSX= TOR forum discussions to be aware of now and in the near future

Now that we have a place to discuss all things TOR without cluttering the general forum it's probably best that we discuss some important topics in advance of us moving ingame.

Just a few of those will be deciding whether we leave our Sith guild on a EU server or we switch it to a US one, discussing the guilds focus (progression etc.), making a note of who has pre-ordered (or will be playing for definite) and covering our ingame moderators for both EU & US.

Please drop by the new forum when you have a few moments to spare and lend your thoughts. Some of the above discussions have already been opened and chances are we will have some more things to talk in the coming weeks to try and make sure our new group goes as smoothly as possible. There's still plenty of time left before launch though so there's no rush. Also if you have anything yourself that you think we should discuss feel free to post.

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