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SSX defeat the Twin Emperors!

After being on only the second night of attempts, yesterday evening the SSX on Outland defeated the Twin Emperors in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj!

Only C'Thun is left to defeat (minus the optional bosses) who is the final boss in AQ40 and also the hardest boss currently ingame.

Grats! ;D

Rapid Growth For The FFXI Group

After being up and running for just about 3 weeks the Final Fantasy XI group can proudly report that we have almost quadrupled our numbers. From two or three people actively playing the game we now have around twelve members, and the group is still growing.

We wish congratulations to the group and its members for this great success, and may it continue to expand as time goes on.

FFXI Garrison Event!

The members of the Final Fantasy XI group have been invited to a Garrison event in West Saru at 1PM EST (6PM GMT) on June 11th.

In order to attend the event you will need to be at least level 20, and be prepared to repel several waves of Beastmen.

To sign up for the event and for more information, see this thread

The Coming Scourge Invasion...

The day many have feared for years has finally come: the Scourge has launched a direct attack on the lands of Azeroth! Reports of necropolis sightings are coming in from all over the world, the massive structures looming ominously on the horizon, ready to move at Kel'Thuzad's command. A dreadful dawn is rising in the east as the Lich King's dark minions prepare to descend upon Azeroth. Soon the Scourge will march again, and this time there is no prophet to speak the warning, no gallant knight to fight the coming darkness, no legendary hero to thwart the monstrosity on the Frozen Throne.

It is up to you now to become the fire that burns against the cold, the light of hope that prevails beneath the shadow of the necropolis!

-To learn more about this upcoming event see the new Invasion of the Scourge page!

Final Fantasy XI Group Up and Running!

Within the last few days we've launched our latest group within the SSX, Final Fantasy XI. Several of us are venturing out into the world of Vanadiel (some of us are veterans there, others new) to seek adventure, and we now have enough to make the group official and start our own Linkshell.

Our group website has also now been completed and can be found here where you'll be able to find the latest updates about the group, a list of group members and their current skills, and screenshots.

Comments can be left on the group forum, as can applications if you wish to join us in our adventures across Vanadiel.

Anatomy of a Monster : Thaddius

The Insider recently interviewed the World of Warcraft designers about Thaddius, one of their latest monstrosities (er, creations). This twisted, Frankenstein-like boss haunts the halls of the new dungeon Naxxrammas - introduced in upcoming Patch 1.11.

Read on to find out how Thaddius was created -> Click Here.

Draenei revealed as the new alliance race at E3!

With the opening of E3 in Los Angeles today, several new pieces of information about the up-coming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, have been revealed. First among them are the details about the new Alliance race: the Draenei. The Draenei, also known as the "exiled ones," have joined the Alliance. You can learn more about this mysterious race by reading the Burning Crusade FAQ. Blizzard have also posted a new gameplay trailer, new screenshots, new artwork, and several new wallpapers, all featuring the Draenei. Along with the information about the draenei, they have posted the history of the blood elves.

Last, but not least, Blizzard have published a new gameplay trailer featuring content from Naxxramas, a new raid dungeon coming in the next content patch: Shadow of the Necropolis. You can see some of the other changes coming up by checking the Under Development section.

Live-Action Warcraft Movie Coming to Big Screen

Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures today announced that they will develop a live-action film set in the Warcraft universe. Legendary Pictures has acquired the movie rights for the game universe, and both companies are now focused on translating the Warcraft experience to the big screen.

Second guild legendary weapon!!

Less than 24hours after the previous news post was made and all 100 arcanite bars have been gathered and we have summoned and defeated Thunderaan - The Prince of Air.

SSX-Avator is now the proud owner of the second legendary weapon in the SSX, and one of a very very small handful of people on the entire server to own one, lets say about approx 1 of 5 people in around 12+ thousand.. You get the picture :p - "Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!"

Big grats to Ava & a huge thanks to everyone that made it possible! <3

Below are a few images from the event;

-SSX Summon Thunderaan

-SSX Defeat Thunderaan

-SSX-Avator receives his legendary weapon. - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!

Assistance needed to help complete Thunderfury quest

The SSX got lucky tonight and had the second bindings of the windseeker drop, all Ava needs to gather now are 100 arcanite bars before he can get the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!!!

If anybody is able to help in anyway possible he would greatly appreciate it, whether it be the bars themselves, crystals, money or even offering arcanite transmutes.

We should soon have a second lengendary weapon in the SSX!

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